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Cloud Services
Keeping up with the latest industry trends, Impex offers its own Cloud Services to its clients through remote servers hosted on the Internet, allowing our clients to store, manage, and process data and files remotely in a single secure space rather than a local server or a personal computer.
On Site Support
If for security reasons clients are not comfortable with RMC we are able to provide an on-site support contract that will have a low cost call out fee and a very low on-site hourly charge which is dependent on the level of Technician called out. If you require further information please fill out the form below.
Data Recovery
Impex know how important and sensitive data is and how it should be treated. However incidents may happen at anytime. This could be anything that could destroy data, such as Fire, Theft, Explosion, Earthquake, Flood, Hardware Failure, Virus Attack, File Corruption, Human Error etc.
Remote Maintenance
Using preparatory remote software technicians at our company are able to connect to client's machines via the internet and subsequently diagnose the issue with a computer or server or peripheral. This contract is backed up by secondary on-site support in case the problem is a hardware issue or there is no active internet connection at the client's site.
Customer Support
In a fast moving world, companies need to concentrate on their core business and not be distracted with business tools such as IT not working properly. IT issues will include but not limited to virus attacks, back-ups and server problems to name a few.
Emergency IT Support
Impex offer Emergency Support for customers who do not currently have a contract. Engineers can be dispatched, normally within two hours. Current Costs are charged by the hour: Onsite engineer, £125 first hour including call-out charges and £80 per hour thereafter; Remote support, £80 per hour (Terms and Conditions apply, please call to find out). For immediate Support call us on 020 8208 1888.
Business Continuity Management
Impex provides all clients with Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
Backup Services
Impex provides various back up services. As part of Impex SLA, a dedicated member of our technical team will be assigned to check that all backup systems are functioning within given parameters, this procedure is carried out on a daily basis.

Intelligent Solutions for your Business

ImpexIT is an IT support company supplying small and medium sized businesses with networking solutions and support. Impex offers a portfolio of business solutions led by its expertise in consulting and systems integration, remote maintenance, network services and security, coupled with leading enterprise-class server and related technology. Impex has been operating in UK for almost 20 years, serving both large private and public sector organisations. Maintaining an emphasis on long-term partnerships. Impex has built up a reputation for high-quality end-to-end solutions that effectivelyresolve clients’ business problems. We combine our expertise with in-depth knowledge of industry trends to solve the business challenges facing our customers. By seamlessly integrating Impex expertise with that of our strategic partners, Impex is able to deliver IT projects from start to finish.